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What is Clovertise?

Clovertise lets you create, manage and play engaging content
on digital signage, social media, websites and the physical web.


Creating content cannot be any easier. Clovertise has a unique, simple yet powerful, fill-in-the-blanks content creation. The template provides place holders for your message and you can edit and tailor it to your needs. We offer many professional templates to choose from.


Manage many displays at multiple locations, or manage many websites and Facebook pages. Manage from anywhere in the world; all you need is a browser and an internet connection. Schedule content to play at specific times so you can setup and forget.


Clovertise does not require proprietary media players. Any device that supports a browser can be used to play content on TV's, Video Walls, LED monitors and mobile devices. Post content to social media, host it on your website, or use a beacon to connect via the physical web.

Service Highlights

Clovertise makes it simple to connect with customers in real time, regardless of the medium, with a consistent relevant message from a single powerful platform. We offer businesses an advanced, yet simple and cost effective solution with low or no on-premise footprint.

  • Simple and intuitive Digital Signage
  • Branded Facebook posts
  • Self-Updating Dynamic Websites
  • Walk up and get informed via beacon
  • SEO friendly Content

Our Mission

Clovertise is a US based company with a vision to help businesses connect with customers through digital medium in real time. In a world where customers are hooked on social media and mobile devices, businesses need a platform which is more than just digital signage.

Traditional digital signage focuses on the digital display as a medium to put a message out, when customers are on-premise. However, customers are researching and looking for information long before they reach your premises; on your website, on social media and on the physical web. To succeed in the ever connected world, Clovertise helps businesses reach their customers regardless of medium.

About the technology

Powered by Amazon Web Services

Hosted on the world’s top cloud platform - Amazon Web Services (same computing infrastructure that powers!). Highly available service infrastructure so you don't have to worry about outages. Secure access over HTTPS, so your information is safe. Latest technology standards compliant to run on any device.

Create Engaging Content With Ease

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Where Can I Use Clovertise?

  • 1

    General Information

    Display information like News, Weather, traffic, building map, fire exits, rest rooms and traveler's info to customers.

  • 2

    Indoor Displays

    Shopping Malls, stores, airports, railway/bus stations. to show advertising, promotions, arrival departure information.

  • 3

    Menu Information

    Display pricing, photos, ingredients, and other information about the foods being offered, including nutritional facts.

  • 4


    Use it to advertise products and services to your customers or build an advertisement network that you manage...

  • 5


    Using it for in-store signs to promote your brand and build brand identity with your customers helps businesses...

  • 6

    Influencing Behavior

    Directing customers to different areas to increase dwell time in store, & range of other uses in serving such influence.

  • 7


    Enhancing the environment for customers with interactive screens that will help shoppers choose the best products.

  • 8

    Waiting Area

    Reduction of perceived wait time in waiting areas of restaurants, retail operations, bank queues, and similar premises.