Waiting Area Solutions

Engage Audience with Information of your choice

Where people are waiting there is an opportunity to improve your brand presence, to promote your product or services, or to educate and inform. Many businesses simply play TV news channel, sports channel etc. to entertain. Ofcourse it is important to keep your audience engaged to reduce the perceived wait time. Clovertise helps you do that, in addition with Clovertise you can also add your own content to create a seamless mashup of information. This ability to blend in your content with video opens up many opportunities for you to position your products and service.

Many businesses are paying cable or dish networks for playing TV channels in their waiting areas. With Clovertise you can play live channels or your playlist from YouTube incorporated with your own promotional materials. Not only will you reduce your total cost to entertain your customers you will also be able to promote your business to your customers at the same time.