Connect With Your Customers On Social Media

Use your digital signage platform for social media

Many digital signage platforms let you pull content from social media sites and show it on digital displays. While this is useful, how did your content get there in the first place? Wouldn't it be nice if the content you have created can be posted to your social media sites?

Clovertise allows you to post the content you created to your social media sites such as facebook. This allows you to not only post rich, professional looking, branded content to social media, but also allows you to create a consistent message across multiple mediums.

Using the power of social media is a very important tool in reaching your customers. Posting to Social media is made very easy using Clovertise. We made it as simple as click of a button. You can register and post to multiple pages on your social media site. Registration is a one time process that uses secure authentication to authorize Clovertise to get the proper permissions to post to your pages.