Importance of Signage in Retail & Fashion

In-store advertizing made easy

Marketing is all about delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. One extremely effective way of achieving this timing perfectly, is while the customer is in your store and already in a purchasing mood. Clovertise can help you place your brand, product or services in front of your customers with ease. Create content from existing promotional and marketing materials. There is no need of any expencive hardware to do in-store advertizing, all you need is internet and a display. We are here to give you a complete solution.

When customers walk into your Store you need to be able to showcase your Products and promotions in the best way possible. From the digital display on your Store walls to pushing your product and promotional information to the mobile device of your customer using a beacon and the power of the physical web, we have you covered.

As your customer leave your Store they can bookmark your product and promotional information on there mobile device. This gives them access to the latest information as you add more product and promotions. Integrate Clovertise into your website to display your product and promotions on your website.