Clovertise is a cloud based SaaS Solution

100% on the Cloud Solution

Clovertise is a cloud hosted platform and has zero footprint on your premises or servers. It runs on the same world class infrastructure that runs on. All you need is a browser and an internet connection to run. No servers to setup, no software to upgrade, no need for backup no more headache. Leave the IT and infrastructure to us and focus on your customers.

Leveraging Amazon Web Services means Clovertise can scale to any number of customers and any number of users without problems. It also means that you get world class backup and disaster recovery to protect your data from any loss. Clovertise is always on and provides the best in class up-times so you don't have to worry about outages.

Clovertise uses best in class technology to bring you a modern and powerful user experience. We keep your data safe by using the same encryption technology that financial institutions use. The client is built on web standards such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript so that it can run on any modern browser. This means our customers can be confident that they will benefit by the power of these technologies as they evolve.

Clovertise platform supports a restful API to allow integration's to be built with ease. We have built several integration's that we support out of the box and our customers are building more to meet there needs. Examples of integration's include pictures from social media, live FOREX data for money exchanges, real estate listings for realtors, automobile listing information; we can help our customers integrate with their custom back-ends too.