Digital Signage is critical in Shopping malls

Unlimited opportunity for branding and advertising

Shopping malls have a huge foot traffic which provides many opportunities to advertise and connect with your customers. Digital signage gives you the ability to connect and guide shoppers as they are shopping and actively looking for products to buy. Clovertise is easy to deploy and manage with support for monitoring and remote management of content playing on the displays. The ease with which content can be created makes it a breeze to keep content fresh and up to date at all times. Content scheduling allows you to setup content ahead of time and expire content without a need for manual action.

Clovertise proximity solution allows you to push content to your customers mobile devices effectively converting every mobile device into a digital display. You can show proximity and context aware information to your customers as they move through the mall. For example as they get close to a store the information can update to show promotions from that store. As the customer moves to the food court you can show menus from the food court vendors. This ability to push relevant information to customers gives you unprecedented ability to target your audience in ways that other solutions don't provide.