Hotels & Restaurants Digital Signage

Use your in-house TV's for your own Branding

Restaurants and hotels have many oppurtunities to connect with their customers both on and off premise. Clovertise has you covered on all fronts in terms of delivering engaging and relevant content to your customers in real time.

There are multiple applications of Clovertise that can benifit you. Below are three concrete examples of how restaurants and hotels are using Clovertise when customers are on premise.

  • For digital menu boards - With Clovertise you can create menu boards that will showcase your culinary art.
  • Entertain and promote - Clovertise helps you blend entertainment with your promotions seamlessly.
  • Proximity Information Sharing - Connect through the physical web and push your Menu, Daily Specials, Promotions to customers mobile devices when they arrive at your restaurant.

Most restaurants have one or more TV’s installed to keep the customers entertained. It is a good idea to entertain customers while they are in your premises. Clovertise takes that to the next level by blending in your promotions with entertainment.

Clovertise integrates with youtube to give you infinte entertainment choices and allows you to overlay your brand and promotions to create a mashup. Keep your customers entartained, build your brand and reduce your expenses by eliminating the need to pay for expensive satallite or cable subscriptions.