Digital Signage for Health Care

Complete Solution for Hospitals and clinics

When wating people can perceive time very differently when they have something to keep them engaged. Moreover an informed patient is a healthier patient. There are many oppurtunities to educate or promote services to an audience that is waiting their turn.

Many practices already have digital displays. However these are being used for playing news channel etc. which has no relevance to the practice. You can use Clovertise to both keep your patients informed and entertained and at the same time promote your services. Health care industry is evolving and hospitals are offering specialised services; unlike in the past patients have choices to make.

Digital Signage can play a very important role in providing useful information to patients and their family members. From announcements to information and wait times, there are many application. Please call us for a free consulation on how you can leverage Clovertise to help your practice or hospital.

  • Highlight Patient Stories to motivate others
  • Show information about departments and timings
  • Show Doctors Profiles
  • Share information about common problems , symptoms and remedies.
  • Show educational videos while promoting your staffs capabilities.