Clovertise is a platform that allows you to create engaging content and share it with consumers across digital signage, social media and the web. It is a SaaS solution built on standards and requires no proprietary devices and hence no lock in.
There are two parts to the Clovertise Solution.

  • A simple yet powerful content creation and management application.
  • A method to communicate the content to your consumers across multiple mediums.
  • Clovertise provides a template based content creation capability that is simple to use yet powerful enough to meet the most professional capabilities. You start out with selecting a template. A template provides the scaffolding around which you create your content. You then customize the template and create content that meets your needs with simple click and modify GUI paradigms.

    Depending on the medium Clovertise provides appropriate mechanism to communicate. For example posting to facebook is a simple click of a button.

    To share content using digital signage you can use Chromecast - Clovertise integrates with chromecast. You can use a chrome box or Chromebook in kiosk mode for hands free operation and high end needs. Clovertise provides a chrome app to make this very simple. Or you can use any PC or tablet that runs a browser. You get a lot of flexibility and no need to buy any proprietary devices.

    For your web site you insert a one line script in your html and you are good to go.

    We built Clovertise to be simple yet powerful. Creating the templates can be complex but we don’t expose the complexity to you, that is what we do. You get the full power of HTML5 and CSS 3.0 standards. You can create professional content without the complexity. Most solutions in the market will just expose the editing tools directly and leave the hard work to you, making you believe that you have more power.
    No! We have designed the player application to be fault tolerant. If the network goes down the content keeps playing. When the internet comes back up your updates to content will synchronize without interruption.
    Yes. Clovertise is a enterprise strength solution. You can schedule content to play at certain times and repeat at a schedule.
    No. You create content once and we will scale the content to the device. No need to keep making the same content multiple times for each display resolution like some solutions force you to.
    Yes. Content is managed in a central location and can be accessed from anywhere. All player applications connect to the same gold source and are always upto date and synchronize with your updates.
    Yes. You can select a channel to play at each display. The same channel can play on as many (Licensed) displays as you choose across any number of geographically distributed locations.
    Yes. The content can include a video. We have templates that can play video in full screen or on part of the screen with other content. Video can come from Youtube, uploaded to our server or can be hosted on your server. We support all the standard formats.

    Yes you can turn on a clock for any template.
    Yes you can turn on a RSS feed for any template.
    Yes. Any text can be animated and have multiple lines that can be animated one after another. This gives you the ability to create a sophisticated effect.
    Yes you can set several different animation effects.
    Yes you can control how long each item plays before transitioning to the next item.
    Yes. We have very sophisticated animation effects that you can use with the text to create attractive content.
    Yes. You can post any channel item to social media. Note that some content works better for social media than others, you have to choose appropriately.
    Yes. Any channel can be included in your web site and will update as you change your content. Scheduled items will only show at appropriate times. You get all the same effects as a digital display embeded. In addition the player is smart to allow an interactive experience.
  • You can set a click url that is triggered when a certain item is clicked by the user.
  • Users can move back and forth and view the items in a carousel style interaction.
  • Yes, your facebook post will redirect to the link you provide int the channel item.
    You can upload and manage your images in our application.
    Yes a channel and channel items can be visible or hidden in the player. You can select individual items or the channel and turn visibility on or off.
    Yes. We set a default color to start you out. However you can change the background color, set an image as a background and change opacity to create the desired effect and match your brand colors or your website.
    Our templates and all its content are flexible. We start out with a default type for each placeholder. You can change the type from text to image or QR Code or video etc. You have all the flexibility without the complexity.
    Yes. You can set delays on animations to create interesting animation effects to meet your needs.
    Yes. You can set the font sizes to meet your needs.
    You can change the font color by selecting the element that you want to edit.
    Yes. Click on the image and then select the remove image icon in the select media panel.
    Click on the background image setting and select the remove image icon in the select media panel.
    You can contact your local reseller/distributor or please contact us info@clovertise.com. We will help you. We are committed to adding templates that meet your needs.

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