Digital Signage for Education

The modern way to convey Information

Educational institutions from pre-schools to colleges and universities need to communicate information with students and parents alike. The age of the pin up boards and notice boards is almost coming to an end. This trend is accelerating due to the reduced price of digital displays.

Clovertise helps you with your digital signage needs. A pure cloud hosted SaaS offering means you don't have to worry about servers and hardware. You don't need to buy proprietary players from us. Clovertise can use any standard device that can run a browser for delivering content to your digital display.

Clovertise is simple to use and works from anywhere there is internet. You don't have to be on premise to create and publish content to your digital displays. New mediums such as websites, social media posts and the physical web (beacon) technology creates other avenues of communicating.

Clovertise helps your institution share the same information you create for digital displays on your web site and post it to your social media pages. The simplicity of creating and managing content means anyone can create and update in real time not just your on premise displays but also your website and social media simultaneously.

Educational institutions have many applications for proximity and context based information sharing. With Clovertise proximity solutions, your students and parents get proximity based relevant information pushed to them. From lab schedules, to events and announcements, make information relevant to your audience. You can do all this from a single platform from the comfort of your office or anywhere in the world with a secure access.

If you want to understand and explore the amazing possibilities of reaching your students and parents in real time please contact us for a free consultation.