Context based personalized information!

Proximity Aware

Clovertise brings you the power of proximity marketing and makes it really easy. Single platform, the same content creation tools, reuse the same content for proximity based information.

Clovertise leverages cutting edge beacon technology to connect with the customers as they come within proximity of your business. The experience that started on the web follows them to your premise, delivering context aware and proximity based information. The possibilities are only bounded by our imagination.

Some examples: As customers enter a restaurant they see a notification on the phone. They click on it to see today's specials. As they are seated, Clovertise understands the context and changes the content that is being presented to a menu.

A customer at a car dealership as she moves from one car to another automatically see the information about the car that they are standing in front of pushed to them.

At the zoo as customers approach an area they see information about the animals that are in that area pushed to them. The possibilities are unbounded.