Cloud Solution for Billboard Advertising

No more Media Players required

As the prices on electronic LED billboards continue to drop and with improving visual impact, digital billboards continue to replace static billboards. The number of appplications of electronic billboards are also growing.

Given the remote and distributed nature of billboards there are many considerations when installing and operating digital billboards. The ease of creating and updating content, remotely changing what content is playing, and scheduling are all important considerations.

Clovertise is perfectly suited for an electronic billboard application. Clovertise provides excellent capabilities to help you create, manage, and schedule content remotely and has monitoring capabilities to see what is playing on which billboard.

Clovertise also has the added advantage of a cloud based SaaS offering. With no servers to administer, no vpn's to setup, and no worries about uptime, you can focus on building your advertising and your business.